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Awkward introductions

Hello! My name is Erin Janicki. It’s nice to meet you.

How did that feel? Was it friendly? I hope you read it in a friendly voice. Or was it awkward, stilted, and too formal?

I ask all of this to say the obvious: introductions are awkward and I never really know what to say. Thankfully, in real life, introductions are over quickly—done within a second and taking place AFTER the person has made their first assumptions about you anyways.

It is, genuinely, nice to meet you if I don’t know you already. I had this whole big thing planned out where I was gonna list some things about me—I’m adopted (born in China), I’m a Leo sun (Taurus Moon, I dunno the rising), I’m a graphic designer, and a twenty-two year old Trying My Best™. But I’m too self-conscious to continue listing off these things that feel like they’re less than the sum of their parts.

Thank you for reading this if you do. I appreciate it. I’m pretty sure that in a few years I’ll look back and this post and find it embarrassing; I find it embarrassing even now. (Where’s that “”ironic,”“ being earnest is Cringe” internet inclination I grew up on?) That’s as good a reason as any to continue and hit post nonetheless. TTFN.


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