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I am tired of microblogging.

I have had a Twitter since 2014, an Instagram since 2013, and a Tumblr since 2012. I used to enjoy putting little snippets of myself on the internet, and I still do to some extent. But none of these platforms feel enjoyable for me anymore–at least not like when I was just a kid who liked reblogging posts about BBC Sherlock too much. Or a college freshman who liked tweeting dick jokes all the time. Instagram is just the place I watch makeup videos and feel envious of graphic designers who are more experienced than me. The addictive nature of these platforms makes me feel frustrated at myself more than anything else.

I don’t have a solution besides not using those websites, but I’m hoping that posting here (macroblogging?) will get me that same feeling I have when pushing “post” on those sites. I hope it’ll make me feel like my thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the world are going out to someone who’s not me.


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