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My favorite hobby

I love pens. I love writing with pens on nice paper (shoutout to my Kokuyo Jibun Techo), I love watching videos about pens, and I love talking about pens.

I also love talking to people about pens because though it is not necessarily a popular interest, pretty much everyone has used a pen before. Pens are not a common topic of conversation between my friends/acquaintances of mine (to my friends who let me talk at length about how much I love this or that pen, I love y’all.) However, if the subject does come up, people will often voluntarily tell me about the pens they enjoy and why.

People are always unexpectedly (to me, anyway) passionate about their favorite pens. The amount of joy this brings me is immense. I love to hear people light up when they talk about it, and people do have strong feelings about the pens they use, whether they think about it daily or not.

If you read this, comment what your favorite pen is and why! Mine changes a lot, but right now it’s a Pilot Varsity (Medium Nib) in purple. It makes my journal entries feel classy and I love to watch the ink dry down.


6 responses to “My favorite hobby”

  1. My current favs are the Muji .5 mm clicky pen in black and the Pentel Energel .7 mm in green! But I lost the green Energel, so I really need to buy a new one lol


    • Oooh! I’ve never used any Muji stationery, but all of it looks so cute! I like how many transparent/translucent pens they have—reminds me of my Energel Infree. Energels have such a *chef’s kiss* ink. I’ve never had a green one either! I’ll have to try it.

      Thanks for commenting, Dara!! 🥺❤️

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  2. I have several favorite pens, so I dunno if you can actually say they’re “favorites” at that point? But basically anything that flows well: Tul, Inkjoy, G2… I feel like I don’t even use them all that much though; I just like to fantasize using them when I think about how they’ll glide on the page.. For art, I have some Microns that I try not to use a lot because they seem too fancy, so I usually settle with my Artist’s Loft pens, lol. (The ink fades when you erase 😐)
    Oh, and Izaiah’s mention of fountain pens reminded me of once when I tried to use one except it was the kind you have to constantly dip in the ink. Also I was trying to draw on printer paper so the ink was all blotchy. Yeesh, it was a challenging experience. I need more practice. And better paper.


    • I have plenty of favorites so don’t worry, you’re in good company!

      I still have my dip pen, but I don’t use it much anymore. I didn’t realize before that non-dip fountain pens were even an option, I just assumed they were really expensive, haha. Also, to be honest, my dip pen worked fine even on Artist Loft sketchbook paper, so you don’t have to spend a million dollars on paper if you don’t want to!


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