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My script

As a cashier, I have a sort of script I go through with every interaction.

Me, high pitched and friendly: “Hi there! How are you doing today?”

Customer, with varying levels of warmness: “I’m good, how about you?”

Me: “Good, good.”

After scanning all the items, I go: “Alrighty, your total is [number].”

After they pay, they usually say “thank you” and I say something like, “Yeah! Thank you. Have a good one.”

The vast majority of my interactions don’t deviate much from this script. Sometimes customers will add in some conversation about how expensive everything is now, which I only care about enough to nod sympathetically and continue scanning or waiting for them to put their card in the reader.

I get nervous when our conversation goes off script too much but I think I’ve been getting better at it as time has gone on. Going off script feels like a fun experiment in improv where the stakes are not making a fool of myself in front of an audience, only making a fool of myself in front of some customers.


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