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My skincare routine and inconsistent musings

I have a set nighttime routine. l brush my teeth, take my meds, and then I do my skincare routine. My skincare routine doesn’t vary almost at all because as much as I enjoy it, I try to de-prioritize spending much money on it. I gotta buy groceries, y’know? Anyways, my nighttime routine:

1. I’ll double-cleanse with The Ordinary Squalene Cleanser and the Peach and Lily Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser. I love the hydrating cleanser, but I’m probably going to replace the squalene cleanser with something else. I want to try the Juno & Co. Clean 10 Cleansing Balm after watching @jonisann on TikTok talk about it (who is also a very talented makeup artist).

2. I moisturize. I have dry skin so I prefer something very hydrating, but mostly I just use body lotion. Good thing I’m not a ~beauty influencer~ or else I feel like people would look down on me for admitting that. Right now I’m using Lubriderm’s Daily Moisture Lotion in the Fragrance-Free version, just because my skin is sensitive (I have had mild eczema all my life) and I didn’t like the smell of the non-fragrance-free one all that much.

3. Sometimes I’ll add in “slugging” as I’ve heard it been called by just putting some Vaseline or some Haipažaža Pȟežuta Body Butter on my face in extra dry spots. Sidenote: I strongly recommend Haipažaža Pȟežuta—they’re a small, family-owned and Indigenous-owned business. I use their Hachola (Naked) Soap & Shampoo Bar religiously because it doesn’t make my eczema flare up, and even at $7 a soap bar it’s still cheaper than the Cetaphil soap I was using before.

My morning routine is shorter because I’m usually running (not figuratively) out the door. I’ll rinse my face with water and then use some sunscreen. Right now, I’m trying out the Kose Suncut Perfect UV Essence. I like it a lot! No white cast on me and it leaves me feeling not greasy or too “dewy.”

I’m satisfied with how much I do for my skincare routine. I think skincare/beauty influencers try to sell you on needing more than you truly do. Though people may have insecurities about their skin they want to fix, I have a skincare routine because I like it. Of course, I’m not immune to these influencers—their messaging and advertisements will sometimes work on me I like trying new products out, and l get insecure about my breakouts as most of us do.

But still, to anyone reading this, it’s okay to have acne! People get acne; no skincare routine will eliminate that. The skincare industry is bullshit, and so I’d like my relationship with skincare to focus on creating a relationship with myself, not on treating acne or hyperpigmentation. And I don’t want that to lead me into thinking that those things are problems.

I know that my logic here is flawed. After all, why would I spend money on this category of products focused on what I look like if I didn’t care or if I didn’t have insecurities about myself and my looks? However, at this current moment, I don’t care that my logic is flawed. We’ll see if my opinions change in the future.


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