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Top 3 Things I’ve Learned While Blogging So Far (not clickbait!!!!)

Originally, I planned on creating this blog to post every day for 30 days. I am subscribed to The Daily Job Hunt, which is an email newsletter that sends you encouragement and resources every day. An email they sent out suggested blogging for 30 days and linked to a post that said aptly, “Friction kills accomplishment. Momentum wins it.”

I had already been thinking about creating a blog as an alternative to the breakneck speed of social media. The aforementioned post just solidified my desire to just do the damn thing, regardless of the fact I didn’t know anything about WordPress or blogging. I still don’t. Despite all this, I started. I’m 16 days in, a little more than halfway, and I already feel like I’ve learned some things. Three things, in fact, which I’ve put in listicle format:

1. This shit is hard.

As I said, I don’t know what I’m doing. I had so many ideas going into this, but many didn’t fully form into posts. That’s fine, but it does mean that I’m doing a lot of flying by the seat of my pants. Originally, I was going to limit myself to posting before midnight my time, but I’ve found that to be hard in a way that limits my potential. Instead, I just post before I go to bed at night, and that means sometimes I stay up too late formulating and editing and posting.

2. Inspiration strikes me at odd times.

At work, I have a there aren’t many customers after the midday rush, around maybe 3:30 pm. I usually spend this time using my company-branded ballpoint pen and stapled scrap paper booklet to draft blog posts. I’ll write about some weird things that happened to me that day or random thoughts that pop into my head. However, especially when I’m super tired, I’ll be running on empty all day. When that midday rush ends, I’ll just stand there or sweep or stretch or wipe down the register.

So far, I’ve still gleaned enough inspiration to post every day. I’ll be on the bus and see or feel something interesting, or I’ll draw upon my half-finished posts in my drafts and finish up something, anything.

3. I enjoy writing!

I know it doesn’t make a ton of sense to make a blog based on writing every day if I don’t like writing, but I wanted to anyways.

I’ve always been decent at writing, never terrible. Nevertheless, I always found the process of writing unpleasant and awkward. I’ve already talked about how insecure I can get, and writing can be incredibly personal. The idea of someone reading my writing terrified me. And the idea of someone reading my writing and judging me? Made me feel like crawling inside myself and hiding like a beaver in its lodge.

Now, I’ve found that allowing myself to write and post that writing without second-guessing myself has made it so I’m having a good time with the process of putting words together.

I still have some fears. I always want to renege on my earnest attempts at writing here. I want to say that I don’t take this or myself as seriously as I do because admitting that I’m trying is admitting that I care, that these posts are a genuine part of me, my work, and my thoughts. Nonetheless, I continue because, well, I like having my thoughts out there. I’ve had some great comments and encouragement (if you’ve commented, thank you!), and that has outweighed my embarrassment tenfold.


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