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Six TikTok Accounts I enjoy

What type of things on the internet have been really getting you going down a rabbit hole? I find that, though I don’t like feeling like TikTok is addicting for me, I do really enjoy getting lost in a person’s videos. I’ll scroll for a while down their profile page to watch a selection of their most recent videos. Following this, I’ve come up with a small collection of TikTok accounts really like. This list is non-exhaustive! I love a lot of creators’ work on TikTok, and these are just ones I’ve been scrolling through lately.

1. 婷婷, @huxintingting

Tingting’s content focuses on food, oftentimes focusing on Chinese food. I love her videos because they feel like there’s an honest lack of polish. A lot of times, it feels like she’s winging it because she is, and that’s very relatable and organic. My cooking starts with a recipe and sometimes gets almost ship of Theseus-ed into a whole different recipe, so I understand.

In addition, I’m Chinese but adopted (oh shit, I should post about THAT, what a can of worms!) so I like to watch videos like this to get some insight into some Chinese dishes I’d like to try out someday.

2. Dwi, @dwichoong

I’ve already discussed my love of skincare. One of the main things I enjoy about skincare is trying out new sunscreens, initiated by the lack of good sunscreens available on the mainstream market for my needs. Those needs include being sensitive-skin friendly (though my skin isn’t as sensitive as it used to be by a long shot), having no white cast because though my skin is light, my skin isn’t the Whitest it could be, and being inexpensive enough that I’ll use the product regularly.

Dwi’s bite-sized sunscreen reviews whittle down my searching significantly. I also find them entertaining, especially when some sunscreens go badly.

3. Joni Sann, @jonisann

With my love of skincare videos comes my love of makeup videos. I don’t wear makeup daily, but I enjoy watching others use their face as a canvas for art like Joni does. Her looks are often intricate or themed, and I already linked to her page in a post before.

4. Nimay Ndolo, @nimay.ndolo

Nimay is one, so funny, and two, just a great listen. I originally followed her because of her sketch videos parodying startups, and I continue following her to see what type of stuff she gets up to while zooming in wildly on her face from different angles. Her energy is impressive!

5. Julian Carter, @juulian.c

Julian makes videos on fashion, primarily focusing on techwear (which is a word I just learned recently from my roommate) and other niche fashion styles. I love his looks. I originally followed him because of his sewing tutorials, and I continue to follow him to see what sort of weird shit he puts together that ends up, oddly, still working as an outfit altogether. His overviews of various styles, like his video on bike messenger style, also fascinate and inform me about things I had never thought twice about.

6. Dan McLaughlin, @softpourn

I consider myself a low-grade coffee connoisseur. That means I have a Chemex but no gooseneck kettle and I still love to drink instant. Still, enjoy how passionate Dan is about coffee without looking down on people who don’t know as much as he does. I also think the way he shoots his videos is beautiful and satisfies something deep inside me.

Let me know what types of internet videos you find yourself binging in the comments! Do you find you can’t stop watching, for example, knife restoration videos or something random like that? I’d love to know!


2 responses to “Six TikTok Accounts I enjoy”

  1. On YouTube I mainly watch the basic white boy commentary channels like Danny Gonzalez, Drew Gooden, and Kurtis Conner. It is very hard to make me audibly laugh and they usually do while also expanding my knowledge on certain topics. I also love true crime, I will watch or listen to true crime for hours. I hate horror movies but true crime is so fascinating to me, rarely ever scary even though the targets are usually girls and young women like myself. I love hearing the backgrounds of the killers and seeing what made them the way that they are. My favorite channels for true crime are Eleanor Neale and Hailey Elizabeth and I’ll watch them for hours, it’s unhealthy.


    • Thanks for commenting Jia! I also love commentary YouTubers, like all of the ones you mentioned! They’re very funny and sort of low-pressure entertainment for me. I haven’t delved into true crime because it freaks me out even now. I think since they’re realistic, I too easily see myself in the victims and it can make me feel paranoid. But I definitely understand the appeal.


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