My 31 day roundup.

I have officially made it to 30 posts; this is my 31st. My goal was to post every day, which I didn’t quite get to, but I’m still proud of myself.

It may be cheesy to say, but I’ve learned a lot during these thirty days. I’ve learned a lot about writing, and most importantly I learned that I can write. To everyone who has ever said anything nice about what I’ve posted here, thank you so much. Genuinely. It gives me a lot of strength and motivation to know that anything I’ve written has resonated with you.

And to anyone who has commented, thank you as well! It brightens my day whenever I get one because I know that commenting isn’t just a one-and-done, low-effort thing. Thank you for reading and for feeling compelled enough to spend time and energy on saying something back to me. It makes me feel less like I’m just speaking to the void, which gives me a lot of joy. I’m grateful to anyone who has taken the time to absorb my thoughts into their eyeballs.

I’m going to continue updating this blog, though not daily. I still have ideas for experimenting with different styles and genres or writing here. Posting daily was helpful for me to get over my anxious perfectionism—I couldn’t overthink my posts because I had to make one before going to bed. However, going forward, I’d like to try some long-form, more edited writing too. Not saying everything will be like that, I’m going to continue my feelings-heavy one-day-edit-and-post writings too. If I don’t let myself be a little messy, I’ll never post anything at all.

Though I feel more confident in my writing ability, I have a lot more to learn. If you’re still willing to come by for that journey, thank you!

Here’s a blurry photo of my cat as thanks.

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