Imagine, you’re me.

You just got off of work at that unnamed home improvement store. Your feet hit the pavement as you trot to the bus stop. It’s 8:07 pm and the bus is late but you’re never sure how much to trust the bus app, so you’re hurrying to continue your walk as you pull a Tupperware of cheddar sour cream chips and loose sandwich cookies out of your bag. You wave to a coworker whose name you can’t quite remember (sorry!) and go on your way.

The sun is hidden behind warm, humid clouds, making the air around you dim but not dark yet. The sky so often takes your breath away. You’d think that after years of living maybe those orange tints giving way to pink ones would feel too normal, too commonplace, but they don’t. Hopefully, you think to yourself, others feel the same. Hopefully, there are thousands of other people around your city who are also looking up dreamily, marveling at the lackadaisical clouds floating along the same sky

You’re halfway to the bus stop and as you pass the empty retail stores on the right, you notice the darkening clouds ahead. You can almost see the streaks of rain creating an impenetrable veil streaming down from the sky. A feeling of precarity creeps upon you; you feel as though you’re on a precipice. You’re on the edge of something that swells just beneath your heart and you feel the quiet hum of the world turning.

An empty Chik-Fil-A soda cup flies by, scraping on the warm pavement. What an earthly life you live! A life so decisive and concrete all of a sudden, bringing you halfway out of your reflective stupor. It starts to rain—just small drops at first, then bigger ones, hitting your face slowly and unevenly. The distinct hiss and squeal of bus tires hit your ears, and you turn to walk towards your transport home.

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