My face.

Every day I get bogged down in my own thoughts. They bounce around my head and, well, I’m not going to be mean to myself and say that these thoughts are pointless. Thoughts about remembering to eat, doing my laundry, going to work, etc.—I need those to live my life.

Sometimes, though, I look up from washing my face to see my eyes peering at myself in the reflection of the mirror. Me. Erin Janicki. And I can’t believe out of all the odds, I’m here living a life.

I feel sad a lot, and I feel happy a lot. Occasionally, I feel frustrated about my life because everything feels like it’ going wrong, I’m exhausted, and I just can’t stop my brain from whizzing down a track I don’t want to travel. But I’m still here. I’m a living, breathing being with blood and guts and, and, and… Isn’t that fucking crazy?

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