Feng Shui Modern by Cliff Tan Review

Last week, I finished reading Feng Shui Modern by Cliff Tan. I first found out about Tan’s work from TikTok, where he made a viral name for himself by re-configuring people’s home living spaces based on feng shui.

I had never understood feng shui before his easy-to-understand explanations. Animal Crossing guides that went over my eight-year-old head gave me the impression that it was about putting red furniture on the east side of your house for extra Happy Home Academy points, or something like that. Tan breaks down the practice well, though I’m not sure if I’d understand as much if I hadn’t seen his videos before. There’s something digestible and memorable about Tan shifting little 3D printed models of furniture around a piece of paper depicting a floor plan. This digestibility does translate through the diagrams, it just doesn’t have the same charm.

Nonetheless, Feng Shui Modern gave me exactly what I was looking for when I impatiently put the book on hold from the library a couple of weeks ago: details. As I’ve mentioned before in blog posts, I moved somewhat recently. A month ago. I’m too embarrassed to describe how much of my room was unpacked and how much of my wardrobe was on the floor. This book was the final push I needed to empty those cardboard boxes and shove them in a dark closet to sit there, unfulfilled, as God intended.

My room is still a mess, and it always will be. I also don’t have a million dollars to make my room exactly how I want it to look. But that’s okay! Tan never based his work on acquiring new pieces, just working with what you have and working with what you enjoy. I love his approach and ultimately enjoyed this book too.

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