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Category: blog

  • Endings

    I don’t think endings are my strong suit. I’m proud of my writing here, but I do think some of my posts falter at the end. Either they don’t really end, or they have a finality that feels trite and too buttoned up.

  • Getting back into the swing of things

    I’m back at my old retail job—the one that prompted me to make this blog in originally. At first, it baffled me that I had arrived back and suddenly felt like writing on thiss blog again. My camp counselor job was taxing, though, making me walk 10,000 steps a day and chase kids through the […]


  • Life update

    Hi there! It’s been a hot minute. I’ve been busy, as you could imagine. Things have been happening in my life, which feels nice. I feel like I’m making progress even if it’s slow. I started a new job. Scratch that, I started two: a freelance graphic design job (hire me), and a camp counselor […]

  • Feng Shui Modern by Cliff Tan Review

    Last week, I finished reading Feng Shui Modern by Cliff Tan. I first found out about Tan’s work from TikTok, where he made a viral name for himself by re-configuring people’s home living spaces based on feng shui. I had never understood feng shui before his easy-to-understand explanations. Animal Crossing guides that went over my […]

  • My face.

    Every day I get bogged down in my own thoughts. They bounce around my head and, well, I’m not going to be mean to myself and say that these thoughts are pointless. Thoughts about remembering to eat, doing my laundry, going to work, etc.—I need those to live my life. Sometimes, though, I look up […]

  • More rain, more stupors.

    I found myself as I often do: running through the rain without a jacket. “What the fuck!” I exclaimed as rain shifted from small drops to bigger, pounding ones upon my face. Thunder cracked overhead, startling me. I took a moment of rest under an awning, breathing heavily with a mixture of exercise-induced joy and […]

  • Today’s affirmations.

    I am not defined by my mistakes. I am responsible for myself and how I treat others. I am not responsible for how others respond to me. My feelings are not “positive” or “negative,” they are all feelings that are important to feel. I love myself and I accept my feelings. I accept myself for […]

  • Imagine, you’re me.

    You just got off of work at that unnamed home improvement store. Your feet hit the pavement as you trot to the bus stop. It’s 8:07 pm and the bus is late but you’re never sure how much to trust the bus app, so you’re hurrying to continue your walk as you pull a Tupperware […]

  • My 31 day roundup.

    I have officially made it to 30 posts; this is my 31st. My goal was to post every day, which I didn’t quite get to, but I’m still proud of myself. It may be cheesy to say, but I’ve learned a lot during these thirty days. I’ve learned a lot about writing, and most importantly […]

  • Growing up.

    Anecdotally, it seems to me that many of my friends and I are doing a lot of reflecting these days. I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood, my high school days, and my time in college. The reason why is a mystery to me. Maybe, since this time of my life has been marked […]