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Tag: writing

  • Endings

    I don’t think endings are my strong suit. I’m proud of my writing here, but I do think some of my posts falter at the end. Either they don’t really end, or they have a finality that feels trite and too buttoned up.

  • More rain, more stupors.

    I found myself as I often do: running through the rain without a jacket. “What the fuck!” I exclaimed as rain shifted from small drops to bigger, pounding ones upon my face. Thunder cracked overhead, startling me. I took a moment of rest under an awning, breathing heavily with a mixture of exercise-induced joy and […]


  • Imagine, you’re me.

    You just got off of work at that unnamed home improvement store. Your feet hit the pavement as you trot to the bus stop. It’s 8:07 pm and the bus is late but you’re never sure how much to trust the bus app, so you’re hurrying to continue your walk as you pull a Tupperware […]

  • 07/11/21

    In a creaky house, I lay silent. The air conditioning came on as my eyes fluttered open and closed. Sleep felt near, but I still crawled my head onto the cool wooden windowsill, marred by years of use. My chest felt tight, as it often does, and the pressure felt pointed as if it were […]

  • Flies and things that die

    I hold my clammy palms together, clasped and rigid. Yours suddenly fits in mine exactly. It’s dark outside and the path is dimly lit by orange street lamps. I’m young and trying to be brave for you. You can cower behind me; press your cheek into my shoulder. I can’t even name the thrill I […]