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*Youtuber Voice* Wwwwwwhat’s up guys

Is there a blogging “voice?” I certainly take on one. This isn’t my speaking voice, and it isn’t my texting voice either. My speaking voice, well, I say “like” a lot and swear more, but I still say shit like “certainly” in real life too. i inherited my texting voice from being on tumblr too much in my formative years. i never got over the whole no caps no punctuation just vibez situation i have going on here.

There’s still something casual about my blogging voice though. I try to use the things I learned in elementary school English class, like varying my sentence length and not starting every sentence with the same words. I start writing in short, clipped sentences. Or I’ll start writing long, “writerly,” descriptive ones to try and imitate the writers I admire, as if looking at myself in the mirror will end up with anything different than an image of myself. My face! My writing! A reflection of me, in all my unsure countenance.


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