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What are my needs?

Air, water, food, shelter, safety, love, sex, friends, family, etc. Maslow had all basic human needs neatly stacked up in a pyramid, which I’d say most people disagree with conceptually these days. After all, people need their basic needs AND more complex ones met—if you have a chronic illness, you still need self-actualization. Still, all of the ones he listed are a good starting point, ignoring the hierarchy aspect.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, from

I’ve been thinking a lot about my needs and wants and desires. The specifics of these escape my grasp; do I need romantic love? To what extent do I need stability in my home, my job, my body? How do I define belonging, and what is the difference between feeling like I belong and actually belonging?

I’d like to get to know myself.


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